Let me introduce myself

This site is almost entirely in italian, at the moment. I’m cross-posting some posts in english on Medium. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn.

I’m a journalist and a consultant. I’ve been working at the intersection between the Internet and society for more than 20 years, helping different kinds of organizations to experiment and adapt to the new digital communications environment.

My favourites research fields are the rethinking of online news, fact checking, community journalism and hyperlocal news, civic media and engagement.

At the moment I’m working in Milano as head of communication and press office for the leading venture capital in Italy, Innogest.

I’m co-founder and co-organizer of State of the Net, the international conference which tries to capture the state of art of the internet in Italy and in the world, considering its impact on our society. You can find a lot of recordings from the SotN’s event, the most of them in english, on YouTube.

I’ve written some books, in italian. Last one is called Fact checking, dal giornalismo alla rete (Apogeo Sushi, 2013). Most known are Giornalismo e nuovi media (Apogeo, 2010), and La parte abitata della rete (Tecniche Nuove, 2007).



You can get in touch with me by email or you can find me also on Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Google+, YouTube.


Giornalista artigiano, esploratore interconnesso, innovatore periferico, cittadino inquieto